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Making Better Choice For Lunch
The Earth

Our Recyclable and Compostable Serviceware Is What Sets Us Apart From Other Catering Companies

Going Green For You!

Our customers told us, and we listened. Being responsible for our impact on the environment is high on your list, as well as ours. That’s why we created a lunch program that minimizes our impact on the environment. Making JB’s On The Go not only a good choice for lunch, but a good choice for the future of our planet. 


From the plates you pile up with food, to the napkins you wipe your face with, all of our serviceware is compostable or recyclable.


If your business does not allow an open flame, our flamess chafing dishes are heated with packets that create steam when they are submerged in water. No more worries about singed fingers or burned dishes. When you’re done with lunch, you can recycle the chafing dish, or reuse it for your next JB’s On The Go order.


Our kitchen at the 502 East Event Centre is powered by solar panels and lit by LED lights. Our staff recycles all of our cardboard and aluminum products. Any extra food from our other caterings is donated to Second Helpings Food Rescue, ensuring less food waste in our community. 


When everyone has had their fill of delicious food, take comfort in knowing that the only thing from our caterings that makes it to the landfill are the packets in the chafing dishes. Everything else is compostable. 

“There Is No Such Thing As ‘Away.’ When We Throw Anything Away It Must Go Somewhere.”
-Annie Leonard

See Our Chafing Dishes In Action

See How Our Flamess Chafing Dishes Work To Make Your Lunch Hot & Safe